Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tattoo supplies: disposable grips/tubes

In the world of Tattoo Equipment, one of the most important things are grips.

Tattoo Grips come in Stainless Steel or Disposable Plastic. Most Tattoo Artists now a days like to use disposable tubes because after a tattoo you can simply throw the tubes away. Usually one Tattoo consists of 5 Disposable Tubes. Most Tattoo Supply Stores sell disposable tubes at a very cheap price, ranging about 50c/piece to 80c/piece. In the world of Tattoo supplies sterilization is very important, but a big hassle for tattoo artists. That is also why most tattoo artists like to use disposable tubes, they are all individually sealed and pre-sterilized.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Frozen Tattoo Ink

Ok so its winter season for the Tattoo suppliers and Tattoo Shops. A common problem during the cold winter for Canadians is FROZEN TATTOO INK!

Tattoo Ink that freezes should be checked by the supplier if the inks can still be used. I know for a fact that Eternal Tattoo Ink can still be thawed after freezing, and still be safe to use.

Tattoo Ink that is all natural pigments should be fine when thawed out. What could happen to the frozen tattoo ink is that it could become a little thicker and have an odor. The odor smells a little like old melons.