Friday, December 21, 2012

Aluminum Tattoo Machines

Tattoo Machines have evolved a lot in the past years. More so with new suppliers and TV shows. Aluminum COIL Tattoo Machines. The key word here is COIL. Aluminum frames are super light weight and they look super sleek and shiny. Pros: Light Weight and a great conductor of electricity. Cons: Light Weight and a great conductor of electricity. Yes, The Pros are the Cons and the Cons are the Pros. Because they re so light weight, they do tend to vibrate more so then a coil machine that is made from a more dense metal. The vibrations can be reduced by using larger grips or even Silicon grips go on top of your stainless steel grips. Aluminum frames are also a great conductor of heat and electricity, but because of this, the frame tends to heat up faster then other metals. Final thoughts: Great looking frames. Sure it vibrates more and sure it may heat up more but for the light weight these small problems can easily be compensated with a steel grip and a rubber grip around it.