Friday, November 20, 2009

Numbing agents for Tattoos

Getting a Tattoos for some people are painful.

Tattoo artists may have a lot of trouble tattooing if the client is in too much pain to sit still.

What can the Artist or the client do?

The Artist or Client can get some topical anesthetic cream or gel to put onto the area that will be tattooed.

There are several brands and I shall name the ones I know to be effective. Tattooists and clients must also understand that that some anesthetics will only work under "broken skin" (skin that has had the top layer been opened)

The brands are:
1) Emla Cream (Topical, and must be applied 2 hours before tattooing)
2) Dr. Numb (Topical, must be applied 1 hour before tattooing and covered to prevent drying on the skin)
3) Numb Quick (Topical, but only works under broken skin and can be used during the tattoo.


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