Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Rotary Tattoo Machines

If you are out Getting Tattoo Supplies, and you are thinking of upgrading your Tattoo Machine, try thinking about getting a Rotary Tattoo Machine.

There are 3 kinds of Tattoo Machines,

1) A Standard Coil Tattoo Machine ( Kinetic Energy )
2) A rotary Machine ( Electric Motor )
3) A Neuma Tattoo Machine ( Compressed Air )

But Today I will talk a little about Rotary Tattoo Machines.
- Very Strong and Hard hitting Tattoo Machines.
- Consistent Strokes
- No matter how many needles you are using, it will push it into the skin.
- Rotary Tattoo Machines are Quiet!
- No tuning or adjusting for a Rotary Tattoo Machine
- Usually made in jail!


Arnot said...

Good article. I am very interested in reading about tattoo machines
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NML said...

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Eric said...
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Big Slick said...

So do you think it would be batter to get a rotary tattoo machine when getting started, over a coil machine? www.bigslickshop.com I saw them here for a pretty good price.

chandan sharma said...

Rotatory tattoo machine basically is electric motor.It gives consistent stroke.It is very good for making tattoo.

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Sir King said...

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toyssoldiier said...

Nice post! I'm not a big fan of "Rotary Tattoo Machines" The grinder kit was really great for newbies http://grinder-tattookit.blogspot.com/

tmarttattoo said...

wonderful!!! although i know little about Rotary tattoo machines